The period of time between October and February is the worse time in the calendar year to start new relationships or rekindle dead ones. The holidays are approaching and our emotions are sensitive and our resolve is compromised.

No one wants to be “alone” during the holidays and everyone wants a Valentine! According to mental health professionals, depression is at an all time high during the Christmas season as people are paralyzed emotionally by their relationship status.

Dead beats look appealing with mi stoles over their heads. Women that were rejected have another chance with holiday music playing in the background. People that we concluded with good reason and using our best judgment to be our ex’s become our next’s under the bright and deceptive lights of the holiday season.

We have unwrapped our presents. Had our valentine dinners and sipped our wine and some of us are waking up from the haze of the holidays. Already, feeling the bloom of spring in the air and kicking our selves in the quite saying “omg….I drug this dead weight into my new year, my new beginning. They are the same. Nothing has changed. LAWD, help me!”.

The good news is you can always prune. Pruning season is year round. Make sure the person you are connected to is by desire and not default. No one wants a plan b and no one wants to be a plan b.


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