Happy Morning Beautiful People!

Well, you know from my rant on yesterday that Lowe’s home improvement store dropped the ball. Their failure to provide exceptional customer service resulted in a cancelled order.

This morning, I missed a call from the Stockbridge, GA store manager Ashley apologizing for my experience and extending an offer to “get it right”.

I was still in bed trying to recover from events I attended yesterday as I was snuggling with my daughter who was experiencing separation anxiety because I was not home when fell asleep trying to wait up for me.

She was able to tell me that I came in after 3am. I had stirred her as I kissed her forehead.

This girl.

Back to Lowe’s.

I called Ashley and she did all the right things. She apologized for their errors (not making one excuse), asked if I still needed a washing machine and extended an offer that was hard to refuse.

And I didn’t.

So the moral of the story is have a standard and have an expectation and enforce it. Do not twist, turn or wiggle in it. Do not compromise or devalue yourself in it. Doing so, will cause you to lose value, respect and self respect. Things you can never get back…even if you end up with the “thing”.

Now, I could have been a pushover and accepted crappy service and had a washer and dryer tomorrow that accompanied the feelings of being taken advantage of and unappreciated. A memo attached that said you got what you wanted in a way that was unacceptable and in a way that devalued and diminished you.

But because I stood for the service I deserve and the experience I deserve, I received what I wanted with lots of freebies and my personal dignity in tact.

A dignity that says you are not going to mistreat me. A dignity that says you are going to deal with me according to the standards I have set for my life and my experiences.

I don’t care how badly I may want or need something, it will never and I mean never come at the expense of well being or healthy self pride.

Now interesting enough, delivery will occur tomorrow. The difference is delivery on terms I can live with and want to live with. Terms that will not nag at me when only I can hear it.

Some would say, Dana you are making a big something out of a small something.

To them, I say what I say to my children.

“Take up for yourself in the little moments and you won’t hesitate to take up for yourself in the big ones!”

Thanks self, for being true to you and rocking you out!

And thank you Ashley at Lowe’s for getting it right.

Well done.

Senior Writer and Publisher
Auspicious Living Magazine