My 12 year old General Electric washing machine died. Well, I pulled the plug on it. It needed $400 in parts to repair it so I decided to replace it.


After an hour or so of online comparison, I decided to purchase my new washing machine with Lowes. I placed the order and was emailed my delivery date with a note that I would receive a call the evening before or the morning of to confirm a two hour time window.

Well, no call the evening before.

No call, the morning of.

So, I called Lowes at 8am to confirm my ETA and was told that my appliance was being delivered by THEM and THEM. A third party delivery company and was transferred to THEM.

THEM and THEM did not have a delivery scheduled for me and proceeded to ask a ton of stupid questions. Whats your name again? When did you place the order? What store again?

My response.

Wait for it…


I called Lowes back and recounted this ridiculous conversation. First of all,  “I am your customer.  2. I paid you.  3. You are responsible for product and delivery.


4. I do not do business with stupid. You do not get to pass me off to THEM and THEM and conveniently use them as an excuse as to why you cannot deliver your product on time.

5. No, you cannot reschedule delivery. That window has passed. You should have called to reschedule delivery when you discovered that THEM and THEM could not manage a delivery manifest appropriately. To allow you to reschedule would be to reward unacceptable behavior and people in charge of their lives…just do not do that.

So what you can do is cancel the order, refund my money and keep it moving. Just in case you have not noticed, Home Depot is across the street.


Lesson Recap

  1. know what you want
  2. make people honor their word concerning you
  3. do not accept excuses
  4. an offer to make it right should exceed your original expectations
  5. if it does not, take your time, talent and resources elsewhere
  6. something better is across the street, down the street or up the road


Publisher/Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine