Here, we believe in auspicious living if that was not gleefully clear already. What does auspicious living mean exactly?

We are glad that you asked.

  1. conducive to success; favorable.
    “it was not the most auspicious moment to hold an election”
    synonyms: favorable, propitious, promising, rosy, good, encouraging;

    opportune, timely, lucky, fortunate, providential, felicitous, advantageous

    “thanks for joining us on this auspicious occasion”

    • giving or being a sign of future success.
      “they said it was an auspicious moon—it was rising”
    • archaic
      characterized by success; prosperous.
      “he was respectful to his auspicious customers”


    To live an auspicious life is to live a life of favor, promise and good fortune. It is a divine life and a designed life. The divine is manifested the closer we get to our Creator and created purpose and designed when we are plugged into our personal truth and begin to craft the life we want…every single day.





    “Coincidences” are life winks. Chances are God-winks and life is winking at us every single day. We just have to get the fuzzy out of our eyes so we can see the signs and follow them.


Being who we are authentically, requires that we stop looking at others, comparing ourselves to others and that we drink from pure wells.

A pure well is a spiritual body of water by which we receive nourishment. These wells are sources of life, encouragement, guidance and correction.

When we drink from pure places and we examine our intentions and motivations, we can see clearly who we are and who we are becoming.


Who we are becoming should mirror only our Creators design.

Publisher/Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine