When my daughter Hannah learned to talk, her favorite thing to say to her big brother Evan was “Your’e not the boss of me”. I think it was her first complete sentence and it was hilarious to hear that little being utter those words with her hands on her imaginary hips.


But we all can benefit from this position.

No one is the boss of us.

We are the boss of us.

We are CEO, Ambassador, CFO, COO and Head Everything in charge of the life we have been blessed with.

Our parent(s) were responsible for raising us. Some of them did amazing jobs and others did lack luster jobs and some of them were MIA but we are responsible for the life we lead.

We are.

Not our partners, our loves, our bosses, our clients.


We are.

We get to determine who we want in our lives and who we do not. We get to determine the code we will live by and what is acceptable in our space.

I am crystal clear about the type of life I lead, who is going to be in it and how people will conduct themselves in my space.

I have absolutely zero tolerance for anything that violates, trespasses or misbehaves in my world. The unacceptable is not accepted and that requires discipline and a ton of self love. People that cheat have to go. Liars, have to go. Sneaky weaklings, got to go. I do not have people in my space that I do not trust.



My peace is paramount and the well being of my children and my family are my only priority. Anything or anyone that threatens that…has to go!

As head of my life and the children I am responsible for protecting and love, I will say, Who, What, When and Where because at the end of the day, I bare the responsibility for all things me.

And you bear responsibility for all things you. If you have leased out your life, cancel the contract. If you have moved folks into the sacred space of decision making, evict them. If you are always recovering from some tragedy or set back, the issue is you have charged someone else with core decision making regarding your life. You have given someone else YOUR POWER.




So at the end of the day, you know the person who loves you the most is acting on your behalf and making the very best decisions for you.

That person, my friends is you.

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