I am on a very strict morning routine that includes waking a slumbering (and sometimes sobbing) eight-year-old to the excitement of another fabulous day in second grade and practically shaking awake a 16 year old, who probably once I was out of sight and well nestled in my own bed, stayed awake half the night playing the latest video game. I usually have no time beyond my usual morning devotional to spend “motivating” myself. But this particular moment was different. I noticed while glancing at my social media page that my co-worker tagged me in a video.

While brushing my teeth I hit the play button not really expecting to hear anything “new” that I had not heard from Les Brown, Iyanla Vanzant or my pastor before. I consider myself to be pretty optimistic, goal oriented and energetic so I figured that I had my To-Do list, a bit of sunshine on the inside and was pretty much set for the day. Then something the speaker said made me stop, “There are three questions to ask yourself every day: How can I grow? How can I give? What can I celebrate?” I ran to my bedroom, toothbrush and toothpaste still in their appropriated places, grabbed a worn receipt from my dresser, and I jotted down those three questions. It was at that moment that I had an epiphany. I could begin every day asking myself those questions and setting my focus for the day ahead of me, and I could end every day just a little closer to being a better me having put forth the effort to GROW, GIVE and CELEBRATE.


It has taken me 45 years to figure out that the way to make my world better was to become a better someone- not find and marry a better someone or pretend to be a better someone to garner others’ approval but to actually DO THE WORK TO BECOME a better someone. Life- because of its many demands- tends to make us forget the necessity of pouring into ourselves and feeding our spirits nourishments to make sure that our minds and our actions are aligned with our divine purpose, which can be so easily held hostage by the notion that all we do is wake up work, pay bills and sleep to wake back up the next morning and hit the repeat button.

That SIX minutes helped me to refocus on what I really value- being better today than I was yesterday. If I had continued with my usual routine, I would have missed the opportunity to STOP and refocus on what matters most. Six minutes changed the momentum of my day, and I know that any time that you intentionally spend investing in YOU can change the course of yours too. After all, the world deserves the BEST version of you that you can offer, and you deserve to become that person that you were always created to be.