Somethings are for a season and producing TPP blog was seasonal. It was a pleasure to be able to help a struggling writer find his voice and provide the tools he needed to create a space in the internet world.

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to help someone find their way and in that, you have helped others find their way. When you are your best, you inspire others to be their best. When you sound off your voice, you help those whose voice is weak put some roar in theirs.

mini me

Leaving and or moving on is sometimes bitter sweet. You know when it is time to leave the job you like for the job you love and you lament having to tell your boss your leaving?  Or when the okay relationship has to end because nothing is really wrong, you have just outgrown it and them. Or when it is time to move across the country so you can be where you want to be as opposed to remaining in the place you were born.

Growth always accompanies some pain. Just talk to a woman who has had babies. That little pin head shaped being shaping and growing into full form is not always comfortable. And birthing that wonderful little butter ball of goodness, hurts like hell but it is all apart of the process.  And one day, that little bundle of joy will be go on to start a life of their own and being apart of that “good bye” will have its own sting.

It is all apart of the process.

So whatever is before you just breath and reach, but remember you will need two hands to reach and lean into what is before you!

Two hands.

So let go…..wave bye bye and REACH.



Low angle view of young man in long jump.

Go for it. Leave those little shoes on the side of the road for someone behind you to pick up and run with and run in. Someone is there waiting for you to take them off.  Someone needs to walk in the path you have already laid because there are those that create roads and those that walk on existing roads.

For where some of us are going there isn’t an existing road. We have to make it and we will need brand new shoes, bigger shoes to do it. Ones with no miles and aren’t worn out. So take those raggedy shoes off baby! They can’t take you any further.


Go ahead and grow!

Outgrow those shoes.


Publisher and Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine