I know my way around the kitchen and I cook at least 4 days a week. Nothing like hot homemade food coming off and out of a hot stove but I give myself a pass on Saturdays but I still want to eat healthy so this is on today’s menu and I wanted to share.

Sub out any of these ingredients and the thing I like about this presentation is that you can nibble off this all day.



  • Kale, Spinach, Lettuce or a nice mix (I am doing spinach)
  • Eggs (boil)
  • Cucumber (slice)
  • Red sweet tomatoes (slice)
  • Swiss cheese (slice)
  • Avocados (slice)
  • Red Onion (slice)
  • Sliced Roast beef, corn beef, salami, Turkey (Sandwich meat of your choice)
  • Sandwich Bread (I am going for honey oat)
  • Dressing of your choice and of course some MAYO!
  • Adding bacon!
  • Adding black olives
  • Adding olive oil drizzle
  • Adding a dash of crushed black pepper

Layer your sandwich, make a side salad and enjoy your Saturday with a good book, good music and its always a great time for some red wine!


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