Single mother can’t decide which man she should pick

By Jeanne Phillips

Dear Abby: I am a 37-year-old divorced mom of two. I have recently gotten into relationships with two completely different men. One of them, “Steve,” has the life I have always wanted, and he says he loves me more than life itself. The other, “Rick,” I love more than life itself, but sometimes I have the feeling he doesn’t love me as much as I do him. If I were to love Steve the way I love Rick or if Rick were to love me the way Steve does, the decision would be clear. I can see myself making a life with either of them. I risk losing either one as a friend if I pick the other one. They both love my kids, and I love theirs. Both want to build a life with me. How do I decide which path to take? Once I choose, how do I not have questions or doubts about what might have been if I had chosen the other? Stuck in a Love Triangle

Dear Triangle: You are no more stuck than you want to be. I know what decision I would make if my choice was between a man who loved me more than life itself and who could give me the life I had always dreamed of, and someone I was crazy about but suspected didn’t love me as much — but only you can decide what is right for you and your children. I don’t think you should marry either man unless you are confident you can do it without second-guessing yourself.