This is the time of awareness. There are thousands of motivational life coaches. Thousands of transformational coaches. Thousands of inspirational blogs and daily life quote feeds. We are bombarded with messages on how to improve and become better and some of us are rocking it out and some of us are pretending.

No one really knows the difference and no one in our circle is probably bold enough to call us out on our BS when we need to be confronted but today, I am going to.

I am asking that you really examine whether you are where you want to be in life, doing what you want to do with the person who is your created partner by your side? Are you really living the life your Creator tailored designed for you or are you a carbon copy of ideas you have pieced together over the years, or God forbid, a copy and paste job?

Living YOUR life and living it well will require honesty, transparency and humility. It requires asking questions that you really do not want to answer, double checking facts that you have made up and examining your true motivations.

Examining those M O T I V E S.




Why did I marry this woman?

Why I am in this relationship with this man?

Why am I here?

Why am I working this job?

How is my relationship with my children?

How are my parents?

What motivated me to do this/that?


Am I really where I want to be?

Have I lied to myself about anything? If so, what?

Am I afraid of anything? If so, what?

What role has fear played in my decision making?

Is where I am really OK with me?

Is this what I want/where I want to be?


This is your shoulder tap!

We can fool most people most of the time but we cannot fool ourselves and the life we really live speaks to us in the quiet of our hearts when no one and everyone is watching.


Think deep.

Stop lying if your lying so you can sincerely be.

In love.

In love.

In love.


Editor in Chief
Auspicious Living Magazine