Creating a magazine has been twirling around in the back of my mind for years and I came up with every excuse and reason as to why the world did NOT need another one. I have been writing and publishing for years but I was feeling very restricted and boxed in. I needed to E X P A N D.

I was restricted in the projects I could pursue and what I could write because of my established brand and audience and as I prayed and meditated, I saw an opportunity to G R O W.



I sat on it for a while, I long while and then I began to consciously bring it before God so the Creator could show me a vision I could not see with my eyes or without His help and slowly I began to see something shaping and forming…and Auspicious Living Magazine was born.

It has all the elements I love and enjoy. An online magazine that is something in between O and Martha Stewart Living. A place where a beautiful community of people can be encouraged in all areas of life.

My message today is short and sweet. No one can do what you do the way you do it. No one can say what you were purposed to say the way you can say it. We all have a place to occupy and your thing may not be my thing and my thing may not be someone’s else’s thing but when we tap  into our created purpose, doors will swing open and we will find authentic fulfillment and the world opens us to receive us.



In order to pursue Auspicious Living Magazine, I had to let somethings go, but what I let go pales in comparison to this beautiful project and the wonderful community of people who I have connected with.

So whatever it is that you really want to do that you have been talking yourself OUT OF, consider talking yourself into it.

I bet there is something pretty amazing on the other side.

Editor in Chief
Auspicious Living Magazine

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