As I was traveling home from a fabulous vacation, I was wondering if my  teenage son remembered to water the flowers I have on the front porch. I had left him a very light to do list, and taking care of by plant babies was on it. It is a hundred and one degrees where I live and my outdoor plants need a LOT of water…and I give them what they need and as a result of that, they grow. They flourish. You can see them blooming from down the street.

How they look reflect how they are taken care .

My son did not water my plants everyday. He did when he remembered because simply put, my plants are not important to him and as much as I fussed about them being neglected, he could care less.

The take away for me was very simple. Do not expect what is important to me to be important or as important to someone else. It is my responsibility to care for what I care about. The proper thing to do would have been to invest in one of those “self watering thingys” and my plant babies would have not suffered neglect.


Instead I passed the buck and was disappointed. How many times have you done that? Trusted someone else with your plan, dream vision or moment and they failed you miserably and almost killed what you love?

Living auspiciously, is also living responsibly. Being a good steward over what God has provided is essential if we expect more.


In Love,

D. L.

Auspicious Living


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