We are exhorted over 100 times in the bible to meditate or think on “good” things. Our thoughts are powerful. Our world is created by the things we say. What we say is a manifestation of our thoughts.

When God was ready to communicate to man/woman HE SPOKE. When HE communicated HIS laws to man/woman, they were written.

What we think and what we say are powerful manifestation/creation tools. In order to change our world, we have to change what we think and what we say.

Think GOOD things.

Speak GOOD things.

And GOOD things will be.



We will have to retrain our mind to only think good things and to cancel or rebuke negative thoughts and we can do this by creating a clean energy environment. We can fill our homes with positive affirmations, and listen to encouraging and peaceful music. Allowing only positive programming in our homes and our lives.


Controlling what enters into our ear and eye gate is key to retraining our mind. When a negative thought (energy) enters our space, we must choose to replace it with a positive one. It will seem like work at first (and it is), but soon you will be running on clean fuel effortlessly.

If we fill ourselves up with Spirit (God), what comes out of us will be more godly and that surely will serve us well.


In Love,
D. L.
Auspicious Living


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