For those of us who are parents, we often wonder if we are doing a good job. I remember going to see a child psychologist when my first born was about 5 for some reassurance. I was divorcing his father who had some real “mamma boy issues” and I did not want to create that experience in my son.

I wanted to make sure I was on track to raise and produce a young man that could stand on his own two feet without me having to balance him. I wanted to make sure I was going to release into the world a human being that was compassionate, capable, conscious and controlled.

A young man that was free in his being, expression and faith. 11 years later, I can still feel the anxiety I felt when I was sitting in front of a stranger needing validation. That in of itself, spoke to some larger issues within myself but my heart was in the right place.

I will never forget what the psychologist said to me when he realized that I was there in his office simply seeking advice and direction in the absence of any issues or child protective services referral.

He said “just be. You are a good person. Stop trying and be. Be the woman you are and your son will turn out just fine”.


That is it.

Just be.


That simple advice has been applied to every area of my life and I believe it will serve you well. We are good enough. We are equipped for our journey. We learn our lessons as we go along and in wisdom apply them and as a result we become better people.

Better parents.

Better spouses.

Better partners.

Better everything.

So whatever anxieties you may have about who you are and the many roles your being plays and the variety of hats that cover your head, know that you are enough. You will learn what you need to learn and do what needs to be done and forgive yourself along the way for imperfections in the process. God forgives us, so we should take the Creators cue and always have a loving and forgiving heart with the one who matters most.


Life is not perfect.

Parents are not perfect.

But as long as our hearts are in the right place, all should be well in soul.


In love, 

D. L.

Auspicious Living





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