I just read some of my work and realized the short story series is a lot to manage in my head. Character development is a beast. Remembering each life and

Win Harder!

A few days ago, I noticed that my child support case is in the arrears almost $10,000.00 when I had to log in to upload a document. David Vincent Harris

Cookings Calm

This dish saved me today. I have been in such a uneasy and unfamiliar place as most of us advocate justice for George Floyd. I had to give myself permission


When I became a mother, I asked God to show me who my children are and to make clear their path. It was probably my first MAMA PRAYER. I could

Still Receiving

Mother’s day has been a week long celebration for me. As I received another gift today, I was more overwhelmed than I was yesterday and I realized that my children’s

Roller Coaster Spin

Life has a very specific way of letting us know whether or not we are doing the right thing and on the right path. It does so by what it

On His Lips

I had no idea what I was (as far as the worlds label) until I found myself wandering around in a book. From the time I can remember, I was

Loves Door

This morning, I woke up eager to love you. Actually excited about loving you Creatively thinking about what I am going to do to reveal my love for you today

Past or Future?

I think one of the biggest mistakes we make is to allow our past to affect or deter our future. Our past loves, relationships, experiences, jobs, careers, etc. So often,

Corvid 19: 411

This is a challenging time for our country and the world. Everyone is being affected by this pandemic. Some more severely than others and there are resources available for those

Don’t Miss Out!

Last week, I launched my new podcast and it is developing quite a cult following amoung some very special people! It can be heard on 6 platforms and growing! Subscribers