Lessons from Rona (C19)

A friend of mine referred to C19 as Rona yesterday as we sat on the front porch and I fell out laughing. Not that this is funny but because I

Blooming, Booming.

Your stats are booming! Penned! is getting lots of traffic. I love to see this notification icon from Word Press! It is validating to know that there are people in the Universe

Grown Woman Body

When J.Lo and Shakira did the half time show that I did not watch, I saw some of the photo’s come across my social media feed. People were marveling at

The Most Amazing Thing

I will be 48 years old in a couple of months. I have clocked thousands of improvement hours. Professionally and personally. Franklin Covey workshops are my professional favorite. That WHAT

Souls Aligned

Loving you is completely satisfying Because you love me honestly Completely You have never brought shame to my door Disloyalty to our bed Pain to my heart Or disgrace to

Black Men: You Go First!

If black men are too void of character, conviction and caliber to cut off at the knees an organization that has owners who treats their players like high priced, well dressed, well fed slaves why the hell should the rest of the world care?

No Distance in the Spirit

No distance in the Spirit is a spiritual law. It is evident in the scriptures throughout the text. I have normally experienced it in my relationship with Holy Omniscient God.

Fresh Manna

Manna is the substance miraculously provided by God to the Israelite’s when they were escaping the bondage of Egypt. The wondrous thing about it was that if fell from heaven